Player Profiles

Karim Yasser Amaar (EGY)

Karim is studying Engineering at the University of Alexandria. He came second in the Egyptian u21 qualifying tournament and 4th in the Egyptian Youth.


Santiago Jnr Álvarez - Sala (ESP)

Santiago was born in Madrid in 1999 and is currently studying Law and Business Analytics in ICADE. Referring to sports, he practices football, skiing and, obviously, croquet. He has been playing croquet almost since he was born, participating in 2012 in his first GC tournament. Since that moment, he has played in several national competitions, including a few Spanish GC Championship Events, comprising of both Individual and Doubles categories. More indeed, he won the Under 18 Spanish GC Championship Event in 2015 at the age of 16, and the Somió League Event that took place in summer 2018.


Jared Bassmann (USA)

Jared is currently a Junior at St John's College in Annapolis, Maryland. At College he is studying the Liberal Arts and what he has most enjoyed reading is 'The Divine Comedy' by Dante Alighieri. In his Freshman year he began playing 9-wicket Croquet with the College Croquet team and hasnt stopped playing since. His College Croquet team competes annually against the United States Naval Academy's Croquet team in the Annapolis Cup and event played since 1984. Aside from Croquet Jared spends his time playing intramural sports, singing in the St John's Chorus and talking with friends. After he recieves his undergraduate degree, Jared hopes to pursue medicine.


Nathan Bullen.jpg

Nathan Bullen (NZL)

Nathan is 15 years old and plays golf croquet for Paraparaumu Croquet Club in Kāpiti, Wellington. He started playing croquet three and a half years ago when he was 12 and his dad taught him how to play. He is in Year 11 at Kāpiti College and also plays hockey. Nathan really likes cooking and is planning to become a chef. He has played in a wide range of Club and National tournaments.





Euan Burridge (ENG)

Euan is 17 years old and he has been playing croquet at Nottingham Croquet Club since he was 7. He won the English Schools Championship in 2016. More recently he helped Glamorgan to win promotion to Division 1 of the GC Inter Counties. He was also a part of the Nottingham team which won the Golf Croquet Inter Club Championship. Towards the end of last season he came second in the Kate Jones Memorial. Away from croquet he is an avid golfer and cricketer, he is also a Manchester United fan. Euan is studying A-levels at Oakham School in Rutland. He is extremely excited for his local club to be hosting the Championship this year.


Blake Fields (USA)

Blake lives in Rancho Mirage, Ca. and plays at Mission Hills Country Club. He is 12 years old and started playing croquet when he was 7, he started competing in small club tournaments at 8. Blake would like to thank Ben Rothman for introducing him to the game. He would also like to thank Mathew Essick and Robert Fletcher for giving him great role models in croquet to look up to. He looks forward to continuing to grow in this game and eventually being someone for others to look up to in the game. The greatest part about competing in the Under 21 worlds is that Blake is 12 years old but is used to playing competitors with a lot of strategy and great skills so he looks forward to the challenge and fun that will come along with it.


Edmund Fordyce (NZL)

Edmund is currently studying a commerce degree at the University of Canterbury. He hopes to one day work in management of some sort. He has recently joined the United Croquet Club in Christchurch after previously being a member of the Waireka Croquet Club in Ashburton.  Edmund has been playing croquet for roughly 9 years now, but first played competitively in 2012.  He began playing the game with his father when he was young.

He is extremely competitive and loves to play sport. He has a heart condition though which limits his ability to play contact sport and those that require large amounts of physical activity.  Since beginning to play, the competitiveness and strategy of the game has retained his love for the game.

Some of his croquet achievements to date have been the GC National champion (twice), winner of the Bowl (5th) in the 2017 U21 GC World Championship, NZ U21 GC champion (twice) and National Doubles champion in both GC and AC.  A memorable moment in croquet recently has been at the NZ U21 Doubles final.  Although he was not playing in the final, the baseline jump shot to win 7-6 in the third game by Christopher Spittal is one the best shots he has seen under pressure... pure class.


Jeffrey Gatchell (NZL)

Jeff is 20 years old and is currently working as a Project Manager for Tararua Alliance while he studies Civil Engineering. He has been playing croquet since he was 14 and has played in many national events and the last U21 World Champs. In his spare time Jeff plays hockey and am also heavily involved in firefighting.


Jamie Gumbrell (AUS)

Jamie has been playing Croquet for 4 years, since being introduced to the sport by his grandparents. He plays with the Canberra Croquet Club, and was their youngest member, until he convinced his younger brother to start playing. Jamie has been part of the NSW State team in 2018 and really enjoyed this experience.  He participated in the U21 Croquet World Championships and Open World Championships in 2017, held in Melbourne. He is excited to participate in the U21 Championships in Nottingham and then the Open Championships in Brighton. Jamie is studying Software Engineering at the University of Canberra. In his spare time, he plays piano and trombone and does circus. He is looking forward to going to England to play and hoping to have some time to do some sightseeing.



James Galpin (ENG)

James started playing croquet in 2013, aged 12, after he attended an open day at Nailsea Croquet Club.  Under the wing of Peter Dyke, he progressed each year and by 2015 James competed in the National Junior Tournament in AC where he was runner up. He continued to play in various club competitions and league matches at Nailsea, playing again at the National Juniors in 2016 where he was runner up again. My game improved throughout the 2017 season leading to him winning the National Junior title.  Last year was a very successful year for James. He competed in nine tournaments, winning seven and finished runner up in the other two. These included the National Juniors in AC, the National Golf Croquet B-Level Series and an A-Class AC tournament at Nailsea.  This year James is very pleased to have been selected to represent England at the GC World Under 21s.


Jason Hodgett (NZL)

Jason is 20 years old and is currently in his 3rd year studying for a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Chemical and Processing Engineering at University of Canterbury. He has been playing golf croquet for 6 years, being introduced to the sport by his older brother, Matt and qualifying for the 2014 National Secondary Schools Championships. He competed in the 2017 Under-21 World Championships in Melbourne, where he was runner-up in the Plate competition. Jason was born in Nottingham and is returning for the first time since emigrating to New Zealand in 2007.


Callum Johnson (ENG)

I am 20, currently living in York and a member of York CC.  I first picked up a mallet around age 13 playing just within my club and local leagues until 2018 when I finally joined the national tournament circuit. I was solely an AC player until late last season.  With a few practice sessions, and firm persuasion from a friend who plays GC, l decided to take it up competitively and I have since won the Ascot Cup qualifier at Ashby.


Outside Croquet, I’m a huge Football fan and an ardent Snooker/Pool player. At present, I’m studying Accountancy with this being my primary choice of career path.


Logan McCorkindale (NZL)

Logan is currently working in an accounting firm to gain work experience before heading off to University next year.

He has been playing croquet since he was nine but this past season was the first season that he decided to take croquet seriously. So far Logan has won a few competitions here and there as well as had his fair share of disappointments, but that is all part of the game. The reason he plays croquet is to experience those intense, make or break moments when you have to dig deep inside and just hit the shot. Logan loves a challenge and can't wait to get out there and compete with all the top players in July.

His endeavours outside of croquet are playing division 1 basketball for mid-Canterbury, small-bore rifle shooting and finding enough hours in the day to play all three sports, train and work full time.


Mohamed Rashad (EGY)


Mohamed, 20, studies Commerce at Alexandria University. He participated in the 2017 under 21 World Championships in Australia and has played in the Egyptian International Croquet Tournament on 3 occasions. Mohamed was the winner of the Egyptian u21 World Championship Qualifier and came second in the 2018 Egyptian Youth Championship.


Nils Reisners (LVA)

Nils is 16 years old. He has been playing Golf Croquet since he was 12, inspired from his father. At the age of 13, he became Latvian U-14 Champion of Golf Croquet,but at the age of 14 he started to play croquet at adult level and also became a Latvian U-18 Croquet champion. At the age of 15, in 2018, he won his first tournament in adult’s league and also participated in Latvia Golf Croquet Championship where he won a Plate. He is playing at SIG-LIG Croquet Club. Nils is studying at Majori gymnasium in Latvia. Outside croquet, he plays volleyball and he was a musician school student and played cello. He is very excited to participate in his first international championship.


Eden Rogers (ENG)


Eden Rogers, aged 16, has been playing croquet for three and a half years, inspired by Jarrod Coutts, a New Zealand science/PE teacher who worked temporarily in the UK at Farlinghaye School in Ipswich. Eden has won the school's doubles and single championships.  He is a member of Ipswich Croquet Club and has won local tournaments.



Ellie Ross (NZL)


Ellie, a member of the Nelson Hinemoa CC, has just commenced her final year at Nelson College for Girls.  Encouraged to take up croquet by her Maths tutor, Ellie has really enjoyed the challenges and friendships that croquet brings.  Highlights of her croquet career so far are having taken part in and won the CNZ Women’s GC Championship in 2017 at her home club, and then successfully defending the title at Mount Maunganui in 2018.

Representing New Zealand at the WCF Women’s GC World Championship in Hawkes Bay in February 2019 was another highlight, and she is also looking forward to the U21 GC World Championship taking place in Nottingham in July this year.  Ellie is very excited to have been selected as part of the Trans-Tasman Team and to have been given the opportunity to play with such a great squad and hopefully help New Zealand retain the trophy.

Away from croquet Ellie has a passion for motor racing and cricket, is a keen swimmer and loves playing saxophone in her college jazz band.


Yasser Sayed (EGY)


Yasser is 17 and studying at High School. He plays for the Hawamdia team in Egyptian competitions and came 3rd in the 2018 Egyptian Youth Championship and 5th in the Egyptian Men's ranking tournament.




Charlie Sharpe (AUS)


Charlie has been playing competitive croquet since 2014, with his first tournament being the NSW U21 Championship. He has played in this event multiple times since then and won it in 2017.  He has also played twice in the NZ U21 Open Championship, in 2016 and 2017.

He played in the 2017 U21 GC World Championships in Melbourne, Australia and in the 2017 GC World Championship where his mother, Alison Sharpe, and himself made croquet history as the first mother and son ever to play in the same croquet world championship.

He is looking forward to the opportunity of playing in the 2019 U21 GC World Championship in England.


Kaleb Small (NZL)

Kaleb is 18 years old and has been playing golf croquet for 5 years. He is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Science at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. This will be his second U21 World Championship having played in Melbourne in 2017. 


Christopher Spittal (NZL)

Christopher started playing croquet 5 years ago whilst he was at school. He has played in National events where he has had varying success and he competed at the last Under-21 Golf Croquet World Championship in Melbourne.  Christopher is currently studying at Canterbury University in Christchurch and belongs to the Waireka Croquet Club as well as the United Croquet Club. 



Smilla Vinnen (DEU)


Smilla has been in contact with Croquet balls since her early childhood but it took a while before she picked up the proper game about three years ago. She took part in German National Championships and is a member of Hamburg CC. She is a high school student, plays the guitar and loves to hang around with her friends and her dog.


Isobelle-Alan Ward (NZL)


Izzy is currently studying a full time food and beverage course at UCOL, Palmerston North, as a lead into a Travel, Tourism and Flight Attendant course in Wellington.  Izzy first started playing Croquet at the end of year 10, when her father suggested it would be a good sport for her to participate in, as a diagnosis of a bone disease meant she could not take part in contact sports at school.


Over the following six consecutive seasons, she won the City Secondary Schools doubles competition with three different partners.  Unfortunately, whilst at school, other commitments limited the amount of time Izzy could spend playing Croquet.  However, Izzy has been part of the CNZ U21 GC Youth Squad in the last two years and played in the National GC tournaments during that time also.


Izzy thoroughly enjoys being a member of the Rose Gardens Croquet Club. Since completing YR 13, Izzy has been encouraged by senior players in the club to enter more competitions, winning several.



Albie Willett (ENG)

Albie is 16 years old and first played croquet when he started Farlingaye High School in Suffolk at the age of 11 where he was introduced to the game by Jarrod Coutts.  Albie has been a member of Ipswich Croquet Club for 5 years and with the help of members has been able to achieve a Golf Croquet handicap of 3 and an Association Croquet handicap of 9.  He have represented Ipswich Croquet Club many times and has also represented his school winning the national schools croquet championship three times in 2016, 2017 and 2018.