The tournament will be played under the 5th Edition of the Rules of Golf Croquet (with any rulings then in force) and the WCF Sports and Refereeing Regulations.

Dawson balls and Hopewell Hoops will be used (though Atkins Quadway hoops may be used if they are available), set as close as possible to, but not less than, 1/32” clearance from the largest diameter of any ball to be used on the court.

Double banking will not normally be used, but may be if necessary for the completion of the event if courts have become unavailable.

Play will start at 9.30 am and may continue until dusk. 

Ten minutes practice will be allowed each day before the start of play and five minutes before each subsequent match, on the court to be used.  During practice, hoop running may only be practiced using strokes no harder than required to send the ball seven yards and must not disturb the setting of the hoops.

Players are required, by WCF Sports Regulation 5.2.4, to play in predominantly white clothing, official national uniform, or approved team colours.

Printed copies of the information to be given by the Tournament Manager and Referee at the player briefing will be available there.

The event bid document can be downloaded from here.


Draw Formats

The draw for the 16-player main knockout will be as described on page 47 of the WCF Sports regulations.

Current rankings will be interpreted as the latest available rankings, including block results if possible.